Allison Boggs

Had ingrown nails removed. Dr. A was so personable and accommodating. She gave me great advice, the procedures were quick and painless, and I've had great results. 100% recommend her. I was actually sad to not need appointments anymore because she's been such a pleasure.

Gail Hance

Dr. is very thorough, kind and gives you the impression that she really wants to help!

Natasha Bernal

Dr. A has been so helpful for me on my heel spur pain. I hobbled into her office with intense foot pain. The shoes I was using were very wrong for my feet and situation. I personally like to do as much naturally before diving into aggressive treatment options. She identified my cause of the pain and laid out all treatment paths and options. Each visit she gives helpful suggestions and exercise to do at home. She has been very honest, professional & caring with me on my foot healing process. Love the shockwave therapy too. Amazing doctor!

Mike Unger

Dr. Shahzad was very friendly and took care of our issue in 1 visit. First class Service.

Joseph Resendez

So glad I found them! Super easy process, they took care of me and my foot, and made sure I was recovering well. 10/10 would recommend to anyone asking!

Derrell Haygood

Afsha Naimat-Shahzad is great with patients, and friendly indeed. She makes sure to follow up with her patients after procedures. She makes sure you’re comfortable and explain the treatments very well. The overall experience was great. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a podiatrist.

The Dragonfly

Dr. Shahzad is a great doctor. She listens to you and thoroughly discusses your condition as well as treatment plans. I have a bone spur on my heal bone and it has progressively gotten worse. She was able to relieve my pain tremendously in one visit. She gave me many tools to further help with my problem. I have a great treatment plan and I am so thankful for her expertise. God Bless You.

Cyril Okonkwo

Treatment was excellent and would refer anyone to the doctor for foot pain without hesitation.

Tina King

I had a very painful bone spur that stopped me from doing all the things I loved-exercising, hiking, and just walking. My doctor recommended Dr. Shahzad, and I'm so glad he did. She is very knowledgeable, professional, but also very kind and considerate. She is extremely calm and listened attentively to everything I said, asked pertinent questions, and did not rush me one bit when I asked many questions. Together we decided upon a treatment plan, and she also made very reasonable suggestions as to adjusting my exercise protocol a bit to help fix my issue. I am back to walking and exercising without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Shahzad.

Tip and Julie

I suffered with plantar fasciitis for over a year when I went to see DR. Naimat-Shahzad. She was very knowledgeable and advised a treatment plan that helped alleviate my pain. I wish I would have seen her sooner!

Bobbie Brock

Doctor was very professional and caring. Very satisfied.

Austin Baker

For starters, nice office, friendly staff, and virtually no wait time. Dr. Naimat-Shahzad is one of the nicest and capable specialists that I’ve used. I’ve had a partial toe nail removal before and this experience was 1000x better than my previous one. I highly recommend her, and would use her again.

Duane Pond

Dr. Afsha was great. Always on time with appointments no waiting and flexible with schedule. Thank you for the help!

Joyce Roebuck

I highly recommend Leander Foot and Ankle. Dr. Naimat-Shahzad is very knowledgeable and she explains your problem very clearly. Appointments are easy to schedule even if you have a problem come up they will get you in. Very clean and friendly atmosphere and it is close to home for me.

Nicole Gamboa

Dr. Afsha & her staff were very friendly and accommodating to my schedule, but most importantly, Dr. Afsha took the time to address any and all concerns I had and provided a thorough explanation of treatment. For three months I drove from downtown Austin to see her (30 min each way) and I can't find a single negative aspect of the overall experience. Well worth it & the treatment worked for me! I highly recommend her practice for your podiatry care needs.

Sahil Joseph

Picked up some inserts(insoles) for my daily wear and a pair of reparel ankle sleeves as well. Dr. Afsha made the recommendations according to my needs, since I've had multiple surgeries on both of my ankles. The office is very clean, professional staff and a friendly Doctor. I am loving both of the products and will need more inserts for my boots very soon. Thank you!

Chris Hixson

Friendly and professional, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Myrna Stough

Great customer and professional service! staff really cares about making you comfortable.

Sadfeen Naimat Sadiq

My ankle is sprained. The product recommendation and guidance Dr. Afsha provided improved my swelling and recovery immediately. I would wake up with swollen foot, but, just one day after using the products Dr. Afsha recommended, swelling came down drastically. On the road to recovery and certainly will recommend Dr. Afsha Naimat-Shahzad for all my foot and ankle needs.

Lorri Massey

Dr. Afsha is so very helpful and very knowledgeable! After experiencing years of pain with plantar facilities she set me up with some orthotics and had me do some stretching exercises. I feel so much better! She took the time to really listen to me and work with me. Everyone is very pleasant and very kind! I highly recommend!

Delayne Foster

I had fallen and hurt my ankle pretty badly. They did x-rays right then and there and knew exactly what was wrong. She booted me up and I was on my way. Dr. Naimat- Shahzad is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable and reached out after hours to make sure I was doing ok. I will for sure recommend to others to come here.

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