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Toe Walking


Toe Walking

Toe Walking

Toe walking, or walking on the toes or the balls of the feet, is common in toddlers who are just learning to walk. Most children outgrow it.

A child who continues to toe walk may do so out of habit. Generally, toe walking is not likely a cause for worry. However, toe walking may result from a shortened Achilles tendon as well as conditions such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder.


You will observe your youngster walking on his or her toes, or the balls of the feet, instead of placing the heel down first. In some cases, the child will have reduced coordination and balance.

Treating Toe Walking

Your foot doctor will monitor your child’s gait. If a physical problem is diagnosed, treatments may include:

  • Physical therapy to stretch foot and leg muscles.
  • Leg splints or braces to help promote a normal gait.
  • A series of casts below the knee may help pull the toes toward the shin.
  • Injections into the calf muscle can bring about a more normal gait.
  • Surgery can help by lengthening the tendons or muscles at the back of the leg.
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